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The Effects of Water & Sodium Manipulation in Bodybuilding 2.0

WATER and SODIUM manipulation during Peak Week of your Contest Prep…why this common bro science protocol is a bad idea! Bro Science It’s Peak Week, and I think that we all can agree that we all have a common goal here. We need to load as much water into the muscle cells, keeping you fully hydrated, while limiting the water underneath the skin (subcutaneous layer). That’s all fine and dandy, but lets separate fact from fiction. Rather, “Science” from “Bro Read More

Peak Week Water and Sodium Manipulation

water and sodium manipulation
The stage is upon you as you begin your peak week water and sodium manipulation protocol in preparation of your next Bodybuilding Show. Stop me if you have heard this before… Trust the Process 2 weeks out from your bodybuilding show, your physique looks fantastic. Conditioning is on point, you’re dry and look like you belong on stage as peak week approaches. Doesn’t matter if you’re in a Bikini class or a bodybuilder…still applies. Around 7-14 days out the water Read More