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Do you want to win?  Is your goal to be a “Competitive” athlete or just another “Competitor?”  Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices to take your game to the next level and put your mind, body and willpower to the test?  Seasoned athlete or newbie, if you are “in it, to win it” then we may have a spot for you on our highly competitive Competition Team.  

For three straight years now, every single competitor that has competed has placed AT LEAST in 1st Call Outs. There is a reason for that; we are VERY GOOD at what we do.

When you take 2 IFBB Pro’s, that are judges as well, you are working with a coaching team that is as well rounded as a coaching team can be. We consider everything from a coaches perspective, competitors perspective, and the mind and subjectivity of a judges perspective. We also follow “science”, not “bro-science” and focus on current peer reviewed research when it comes to our training and nutrition methods. Much of which you can find in our Frequently Asked Question Section.

All of our competitors will go through the 5 Phases of Off-Season and 5 Phases of Contest Prep, depending on where you are when you join.

We don’t take on everybody and it doesnt matter if you are are ready to start contest prep now, or you are a three year project. The clients we take on must display the right mindset. You must driven, competitive, patient and willing to put in the hard work while making sacrifices required to be competitive in the sport of Bodybuilding today.

You also need to be proficeint in lifting, primarily the main compound lifts likes squats, deadlifts, bench press (mostly the guys here), barbell hip thrust, pull-ups, etc. You also need to be experienced in tracking macro’s, or at least willing to learn that on your own.

If you havent already, we encourage you to visit our Coaching Methods page to learn more about our coaching methods to make sure we are right for you.


  • Full access to our USA Physique App
  • Customized Macro Plan with adjustment based on progress
  • Customized Workout Plan based on the 5 Phases of offseason/prep, your division of choice, Strengths and Weaknesses, and modified based on progress.
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach
  • Exercise video reference
  • Unlimited messaging Monday – Friday while in Offseason
  • Unlimited messaging 7 days a week while in Contest Prep
  • Peak Week Plan
  • Show Day Plan and communication all day
  • Reverse Diet Plan when prep is over

If you are ready to see if you have what it takes to be a competitive Bodybuilder, fill out an application and lets set up a consultation. And remember, your goals are our goals. Afterall, your success is our success.