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If you are the type of bodybuilding competitor that’s DRIVEN, hell-bent to SUCCEED, expects your coach to customize a well-designed workout program to OPTIMIZE your POTENTIAL, places a high emphasis on communication, and has a philosophy of ``QUESTION EVERYTHING`` rather than ``TRUST THE PROCESS``, then we have a plan for you. As IFBB Pros and NPC Judges, we know what it takes to succeed and we deliver that for you.

The Offseason plan is for those ready to make significant changes to their Physique.  Primary focus is placed on strengths and weaknesses while up-regulating the metabolism setting up for an effective and efficient prep.

COVD-19 Special

Due to the Corona Virus situation, we have decided to temporarily ROLL-BACK our pricing (seen to the left and right) to the 2018 Rate of $180, for both OFFSEASON and CONTEST PREP.  When the crisis is over, we will go back to normal prices for new competitors, but clients who purchase during this time period will be locked in.


Whether you are a seasoned competitor or looking to step on the stage for the first time, you have put in the time and work to build up your base, your metabolism is strong and you’re ready to get stage lean and compete to win, this is the service for you.