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USA Physique has team up with Dr. Joe Klemczewski to bring you the 5 Phases of Off-Season and 5 Phases of Contest Prep. This concept is the first of its kind. A paradigm shift in the art of bodybuilding. It is an end-to-end methodology that takes you through all the stages of off-season to ensure you start prep in optimal position. Once in prep, it will guide you through all the phases. Time your prep properly, the phases will give you plenty of time to arrive at stage lean early. This will give you the advantage of reverse dieting into the show by increasing calories (and reducing cardio) as you continue to get leaner, tighter and fuller making Peak Week more efficient, effective and much easier to predict your show day physique.

This e-book will lay the path out from start to finish. By following the phases as your progress, you can be sure that you, or your coach, has you at the right position, and at the right time all through your bodybuilding journey.

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When Natalie and I started working with Dr. Joe back in 2019, we knew we were in good hands. Arguably the best in the industry. We had been following Dr. Joe for a few years after meeting him through my former coach, Dr. Layne Norton. Addressing the group attending his VIP Camp in 2016, Layne introduced Dr. Joe as his former “mentor,” and went on to say, “Everyone thinks I came up with Reverse Dieting. I did not. That came from him `{`pointing at Dr. Joe`}`, I just popularized it.”

Since that time, I have been borderline obsessed with Dr. Joe’s work. From the birth of reverse dieting, eliminating sodium and water manipulation, engineering the Progressive Linear Load peaking strategy, and The 5 Phases of Contest Prep, Dr. Joe is always two steps ahead of the best in the industry when it comes to bodybuilding practices.

After spending the last 2 years working with Dr. Joe and putting The Five Phases of Contest Prep to practice (among other things), it was exciting to see the results of our efforts. Our ratio of first callouts, overall titles, pro card wins and pro show wins increased dramatically. As a result, so did our clientele. Nonetheless, I still was not satisfied. There was something missing to tie everything together. I remained perplexed.

As we continued to enjoy the success of guiding our clients through the 5 Phases of Contest Prep, I kept going back and forth over what we did to put our clients in a position to execute their prep successfully. What worked? What did not? What did we hit, or perhaps…what did we miss? There is no question that putting a successful off-season plan in place is critical. But it is imperative to put a forward-thinking strategic concept into place. One that is duplicable, though ultimate success relies on the ability to progress on an individual basis. In addition, one that allows for deviation, when applicable, due to situational circumstances at any given time.

The goal is three-fold, but simple.

• Flexible to allow transitioning from separate phases of Contest Prep or those new to bodybuilding
• Set the client up with an evolving off-season program that ends in an optimal position to properly execute the 5 Phases of Contest Prep.
• Create a state of continuous physique improvement through a client’s bodybuilding career

Although we have been doing that successfully, there was no clear concept in place. If there was, it would certainly raise our bar of how success in bodybuilding is defined. After gathering my notes and going over everything we’ve done in the past few year, I brought the idea up to Dr. Joe relying on his years of experience. To my delight, he enthusiastically agreed.

After many hours of research, experiments, trial and error, observation and making adjustments, we have completed the perfect compliment to the 5 Phases of Contest Prep and laid it all out in a FREE e-book for you.

I would argue the combination of The 5 Phases of Off-Season Nutrition as a Set-Up for the 5 Phases of Successful Contest Prep is a Paradigm Shift in the art of bodybuilding coaching.

Chet and Natalie Nichols are both IFBB Pros, NPC Judges and owners of USA Physique.  Follow the link if you want to know more about their Coaching Methods.