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USA Physique has teamed up with Dr. Joe Klemczewski to bring you the 5 Phases of Off-Season and 5 Phases of Contest Prep. This concept is the first of its kind. A paradigm shift in the art of bodybuilding. It is an end-to-end methodology that takes you through all the stages of off-season to ensure you start prep in optimal position. Once in prep, it will guide you through all the phases. Timing your prep properly, the phases will give you plenty of time to arrive at stage lean early. This will give you the advantage of reverse dieting into the show by increasing calories (and reducing cardio) as you continue to get leaner, tighter and fuller making Peak Week more efficient, effective and much easier to predict your show day physique.


This e-book will lay the path out from start to finish. By following the phases as you progress, you can be sure that you, or your coach, has you at the right position, and at the right time all through your bodybuilding journey.


For the last three years, every USA Physique athlete that has walked across the stage has made AT LEAST 1st Call-Outs. That is a rare accomplishment, a testimony of how we coach each client, and shows the effectiveness of the phases of Off-Season and Contest Prep we put every competitor through. If you want to know more about our coaching methods and why we continue to be so successful, year after year, just follow the link. It’s a little long, but we lay it all out there for you.MORE INFO

“When can I start Contest Prep“ is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. It seems like everyone wants to rush to the stage instead of focusing on where they need to be before prep starts to ensure an efficient and effective prep. We pull no punches in the video. We breakdown everything and tell you exactly what you should focus on before you start prep. Visit our Youtube Channel Most people think that judging a show is pretty cut and dry, but it is not quite that simple. Angles, where the judge sits on the panel, and how the competitors position themselves at different places in the lineup matters. Posing has a great influence on scoring as well. Unfortunately, most competitors practice on the wrong things when it comes to posing. In this video, we break both topics down.

Multiple Options

Whether you are a seasoned competitor, new to bodybuilding or just want to focus on general health and fitness, we have three coaching options to choose from that will meet your needs. Our plans include Competition Team, Discovery and Lifestyle. We are so confident in our service that our plans have no contract or initiation fees. Just a flat rate on a month-to-month basis.MORE INFO


As IFBB Pros and NPC Judges, Chet and Natalie Nichols noticed that the field of contest prep coaching focused primarily on the next show rather than the competitor’s ultimate goal. This lack of a clear and defined strategy resulted in many competitors competing in back to back shows where Chet and Natalie judged, year after year, showing little to no improvement in their physiques. This unfortunately left many highly ambitious competitors miles from their ultimate goals and uncertain of what needed to be done to increase their placing. The problem was not that these competitors lacked the motivation, they lacked a clear and concise plan of action with an ultimate end goal in mind. Through their love for the sport of bodybuilding, their unique experience, education, training, coaching, and achievements, Chet and Natalie Nichols created the concept of a Physique Readiness Coach™.


The Physique Readiness Coach™, drawing on their extensive experience and unique insight as an IFBB Professional Athlete and NPC Judge, will craft a multi-year competitor development strategy. By defining and managing a progression framework for early-in-career and seasoned competitors, the Physique Readiness Coach™ develops competitors into elite athletes, upholding Team USA Physique’s™ high standards. A well-designed, well-communicated Physique Readiness Plan™ will promote significant improvement in the athlete’s physique through adherence, commitment and mental capacity/stamina while raising the bar of performance and longevity. A solid strategy with set goals through specific Off-Season phases and Contest Prep phases provides realistic expectations and syncs both coach and competitor resulting in overall competitor success. Victory evolves from Strategy!LEARN MORE